Backyard Ideas

Domestic or Commercial, we at Dog'on Wild offer any possible dogscaping services you may require. We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!

Canine Crib

An aesthetically pleasing dog house that works with your home's architectural style is one hot property!  At Dog'on Wild, we will be sure to take the local climate into effect when constructing your pooch's home outside the home.

rugged a frame this old house.jpg

Photo by This Old House


FYI:  54% of Canadians call themselves pet parents.


Local Hot Spot


Cool your hot dog down with this built-in chill.  This insert is called the Bone Pool - it's a chew-and-UV-resistant wading pool for pups that you fill with a garden hose.  These retail for $525



dog bone pool image by one dog one bone.

Photo by One Dog One Bone


FYI:  We Love Hounds!

Run of the Place


Wood chips can be a great dog run staple.  It's soft on paws, doesn't get muddy and makes cleanup a cinch.  Pick pooch-friendly mulch.  Cocoa Bean mulch can be deadly if ingested.  Mulches that contain fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides are also highly toxic.  Cedar mulch is a great choice since it repels flies and ticks.



mulch run hgtv.jpg


Photo by HGTV

FYI: did you know - Indoor dog space is a growing trend; 13% of dogs have their own room!


Artificial Turf


Artificial grass provides homeowners with a lush lawn that never needs watering.  It also keeps paws mud-free and prevents diggity dogs from creating holes.



turf image by easyturf.jpg


Photo by Easy Turf

Tip:  A pet friendly-turf is soft, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial with an instantaneous drainage system.


See Spot Run


A dog run will protect your garden while giving your pup some " me" space.

Tip:  Chainlink enclosures can detract from your home's value.  This cattle fence is a durable and affordable solution that looks invisible from a distance.




Photo by Mommy and Sweet Pea make a Blog


FYI: Pets are the 5th ranking reason that drives people to buy homes.



Slurp Station


This idea hydrates parched pooches while enhancing the yard.


Tip: Pick a water feature that has a self-circulating filtration system.  It will conserve water while providing pets with clean, fresh drinking water.

dog fountain.jpg


Photo by Scot Eckley, Inc.



FYI: A barking 81% of dog owners consider their pups to be equal members of the family.


Ramp It Up


Ramp up a wood deck.  Wood Decks add value.  Adding a ramp will give pups of all sizes and ages an easy way to access the yard.


Tip: Building a wood deck?  Avoid exposing your pet to toxins.  Dogs, like kids, are sensitive to chemicals.  So opt for VOC-free wood, paints and stains.


Photo by House Logic


FYI: Two-thirds of homeowners have at least one fur baby.

ramp by house logic.jpg

Meet You at the Station


Urine is a grass killer, but you can keep your lawn green and happy with this DIY potty station.  It uses rock and gravel that you can clean with a hose.


Tip: With consistent and positive training, you can teach a dog to eliminate in a specific spot.

dog potty welcome pup dot com.jpg


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FYI: Dogs have soft spots - a cushy 62% have their own chair, sofa or bed!



Curiosity is bad for the cat, but indulging your dog's interest can prevent fence jumping and chewing.


Tip: You can also build a platform that provides your pup with a bird's eye view.

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Photo by Amazon


FYI: A whopping 77% of dog owners give their pooches birthday presents.